Home-made Sauerkraut

by Jamie0liversgirl (follow)
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Boost your little ones immune systems with some home-made sauerkraut.

Preparation Time: 5 minutes. 2 days fermenting
Makes: 350g

500g White cabbage
Level tsp sea salt

Chop the cabbage into strips.

Push the cabbage through a juicer.

You'll have cabbage pulp, once the juice comes out.

Place the cabbage in a receptacle wide enough to place a heavy jar/tub/object on top that will press the cabbage down.

Add the salt to the cabbage pulp, no need to mix, just add and leave.

Place the heavy object on top of the salted cabbage and allow to ferment for two days.

You'll have a 230g jar of fresh sauerkraut, ready for wraps, sandwiches, with eggs and avocado, or with bacon and turkey - it's wonderful.

Note it keeps in the fridge for over 3 months - such a wonderful product.

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